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Features in Detail Headphone Amplifiers – High-quality, push-pull headphone amplifiers contribute to a system frequency response of 200 Hz to 15 kHz (-3 dB) and a dynamic range of 80 dB. Output is 700 mW @ 200 ohms. A proprietary frequency contouring circuit optimizes voice range reproduction to ensure exceptionally high intelligibility even in high ambient noise environments. Headset Connections – Both the Master Station and beltpack accept either dynamic or electret microphones as standard. Mic gain is adjustable for optimum results with any microphone. A headset detection circuit ensures the mic pre-amp is active only when a headset is connected. A volume control enables the user to listen at any desired volume, and to balance levels on the two channels of the BS 217 Master Station. Side Tone – Each user station includes a side tone trimmer for each channel to allow adjustment of the operator’s voice level as heard through his or her own headset. Switch-mode Power Supplies – In case of short circuit or excessive thermal condition, the power supply will self-protect by shutting down. Once the fault is corrected, the power supply automatically resets and restores normal operation. TALK Function – TALK button with green LED indicator connects to all user stations and beltpacks on the indicated channel. CALL Function – The combined audible and visual CALL alert adapts to both sound- and light-sensitive environments. An incoming or outgoing call signal is indicated by a large red LED. Pushing the CALL button for more than two seconds activates the internal BUZZER. Volume of the BUZZER can be trimmed or muted. AUX INPUT – The 2-channel Master Station (BS 217) and the 2-channel Power Supply (BS 287) each offer a balanced auxiliary input (individually attenuated for each channel), normally used to carry the auditorium or on-air program audio. The inputs are for line level signals.
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