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Main Features

  • Complete Dimming, Mains and Data Distribution Solution in one box
  • Caters for a range of applications
  • Offers Studio Quiet Dimming at 100% Duty Cycle
  • Includes powerful software control functions such as:
  • Memory Replay and Channel Merge
  • Speeds up and simplifies any job
  • Dimmer and distribution channels - 10A C type ABB breakers
  • Distribution channels 16A C type ABB breakers (5x10x I nominal in rush current)
  • Captive Mains tail of 1.2m H07R 5x 10mm2 fitted with a 63A % pin Cee connector
  • Mains supplies either 63A 3phase+N TN-S or 63A single Phase +N
  • Mains inlet breaker 63A D type ABB breakers (10-15x I nominal inrush current)
  • Three individual single phase 63A 30mA residual current breakers to protect operators. Each RCB protects one phase, therefore increasing the selectivity of the RCB protection. (BS7909 requirement)
  • Mains breaker is a four pole unit that also protects the Neutral wire which is important in case of single phase operation
  • Dimensions(mm): 445 x 510 x 520
  • Net Weight: 43kg
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