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Skype Presentations - Stream business briefings, sales meetings, training and more! Skype is the world’s most popular chat and video conference software. It’s great for teleconferences and group calls when you need to host online meetings, training, or even product launches. Blackmagic Web Presenter lets you use professional SDI or consumer HDMI cameras with Skype, instantly upgrading your video quality Conference Streaming - High quality live streaming of seminars and conferences! If you’re an AV professional, Blackmagic Web Presenter is the best way to get your client’s seminars, training and conferences online instantly! The optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel turns Blackmagic Web Presenter into a 2 channel live production switcher so you have all the video production equipment you need in this one small device! You can have a presenter on camera and graphic or slide show on a computer, and then switch between them using broadcast quality dissolves! That’s broadcast production values! The 12G-SDI program output can be used to record a master of the event at full resolution onto an external deck for archiving, or to send the program to a Blackmagic Duplicator 4K so you can make copies to SD cards and sell them to attendees the minute the event is over! Webinars - Increase production value to create better looking programs! Now your webinars can look better than ever, because Blackmagic Web Presenter lets you use higher quality HDMI and SDI cameras instead of low resolution webcams. It simplifies all of the setup so you can get online quickly and focus on delivering your content to subscribers! If you have two HDMI cameras to connect, you can add a Mini Converter HDMI to SDI which will allow you to have two HDMI video sources. Simply plug in your cameras, connect to your computer, and start streaming to your favourite websites. You can also connect audio sources to the HiFi inputs to have music playing in the background with a slide on screen while your audience waits for the presentation to start. Connections
  • SDI Video Inputs - 1
  • SDI Video Outputs - 1x program out, 1x loop out.
  • SDI Rates - 270Mb, 1.5G, 3G, 6G, 12G
  • HDMI Video Inputs - 1
  • HDMI Video Outputs - 1x loop out
  • Analog Video Inputs - None
  • Analog Video Outputs - None
  • Analog Audio Inputs - 1x XLR.2 x RCA HiFi.
  • Analog Audio Outputs - None
  • Timecode Connection - None
  • Reference Input - None
  • RCA - 2 X HiFi Analog audio input
  • XLR - 1 X input supporting both microphone and line levels
  • USB Webcam - 1
  • HDMI 2.0 - 1 X Input, 1 X loop out, (2 channel embedded audio)
  • USB 2.0 - 1 X Type B
  • Mini USB - 1 X for software updates
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