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Single, vertical jet. 10 adjustable height settings. Control up to 18 machines at once. Specifications Powder usage – 20g per minute at maximum height. Hopper capacity – 250g. Effect Height: 1.5-5m Needs power & 3 pin DMX between each machine. This must only be operated from a level, upright position. This unit must be kept dry as moisture can damage the powder and the machine. Each unit has 2 DMX addresses – 1 for heating & 1 for firing. Control in / out: 3 pin DMX. Input: 220VAC. via Powercon c/w link Power: 500W.   **** Consumables......Spark Granules provide 12 minutes of sparks per machine at full output and are £60 per packet, therefore one packet split between 4 will give you 3 mins at full height per unit etc........****
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